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Kimbra reveals her top five destinations in L.A.

Kimbra is one of the hottest properties to come out of New Zealand in recent years. The two-time grammy winner moved to L.A in 2013, and after initially finding the adjustment difficult, she is now happy to call the city her home. But what do you do and where do you go in one of the most populous cities in America, when you have two genre-defying albums under your belt? The Hamilton-born artist tells The Red Bulletin about her top 5 destinations in the City of Angels.

1 Sage 

“My favourite restaurant is a place called Sage. It’s really relaxed and serves vegan food which I really get into, and it’s super close to my apartment.”

2 Hama Sushi

“Japanese is my favourite food, and this spot does the best Japanese in my neighbourhood. I highly recommend it.”

3 Griffith Observatory

“The Griffith Observatory is a very special place for people who are visiting LA. It’s part of Griffith Park where you can take hikes and walk around the park. It’s an amazing nature spot.” 

4 Huntington Botanical Gardens

“The Huntington Botanical Gardens reminds me of the Hamilton Gardens back home in New Zealand, which has a Japanese garden and a Chinese garden and so on – it’s like that but on steroids, just a huge version of it.”

5 Cliff’s Edge

“I really like a bar and restaurant called Cliff’s Edge, I often take my friends there. It’s got great cocktails and good vibes and good music, and you can go there in the daytime for food as well.”

The Golden Echo

Kimbra’s 2nd album The Golden Echo was released on August 19th, 2014. 

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