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Lee Valley Aquathlon,

Looking to test your limits in the water and on land? Then the Lee Valley Aquathlon is for you.

Anyone with energy left over after a day at work can test themselves on land and in lake at the Lee Valley Aquathlon, a two-sport race which pits people of all abilities against each other in an open water swim of either 250m or 500m, followed by a run of 3km or 5.5km around the East London scenic country park. 

What you need to know

There are TWO races:

Race 1: 250m swim and 2.950km run or
Race 2: 500m swim and a 5.540km run.


The swim will take place in the lake at Lee Valley White Water Centre and will comprise of a 250m triangular loop around three buoys. 500m swimmers will be required to complete two laps. 


The route will be mainly run on surfaced pathways, although there will be some unmade paths / grass paths. The route will be traffic free and very flat.

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