live tracking

Live tracking

Photography: press photos / Bragi

The tech is getting more precise. And smaller. And it’ll soon be ubiquitous

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How far mankind has come since the invention of the humble treadmill. From these bulky beginnings, fitness technology has become a whole lot more portable.

With the present-day emphasis on tech being mobile, the latest gadgets have to tick a number of new boxes – they have to be, above all else, small, light and multipurpose. One of the smallest, lightest and cleverest new devices is The Dash by German firm Bragi.

In the following video, you will get an impression of how The Dash works:

Turns out your life needn’t take up all that much space. Almost everything you need to know fits into this tiny little device from Bragi.

© Bragi // YouTube

This stylish pair of wireless earphones plays music as you jog, cycle or even swim, and features a miniature tracking device that plots your physical activity, along with a thermometer, motion sensor and optical sensor.

The Dash gives us a taste of what we can expect in the coming year when it comes to live tracking, namely the premature end of tracking bracelets and the rise of everyday items equipped with sensors.

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