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Wearable Technology

Tomorrow’s must-haves: Here are 24 ways to join The Smart fabrics and wearables revolution… (Part 2)

Taymory Warhawk Trisuit

In the field of competitive sports, the wrong kit can make the difference between a win and a fail. This elite trisuit gives triathletes a boost with a lightweight material that also protects and dries ultra-fast for maximum comfort.


Smart Glasses and Headphones:

Ion Snapcam

Snap this tiny device into place and you can shoot stills or video with one tap of a finger, meaning you’ll never miss that perfect moment. Though small, this robust gadget can take 5,000 hi-resolution images or film for two-and-a-half hours on only one charge.


© iON Camera // YouTube

More Cameras and Apps:

Moov Now Fitness Coach

Can’t afford a personal trainer? Moov offers coaching, analysis and workouts in real time, and you can also measure yourself against your friends online.


© Moov // YouTube

Shirts and Suits: 

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