The new Nissan GT-R

Power Reserve - Nissan GT-R

Nissan’s new GT-R can out-drag a Veyron, but is speed alone enough to make a supercar?

A few numbers are key when talking about the new Nissan GT-R. Not the HP (562) nor the torque (637 Nm), rather the number of video views it’s getting online, beating LaFerraris, Veyrons, every supercar you could name.

That’s because of a few more crucial numbers: 0-100kph in 2.6s, almost half a second faster than the McLaren 675LT Spider. I had to experience the slaying power of this supercar killer first-hand.

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Tim Burton, aka Shmee150, is one of social media’s most-followed supercar connoisseurs. Now he brings that expertise to The Red Bulletin

Considering its rep, the GT-R is amazingly pleasant to drive: quiet, comfortable, a refined cruiser. In full auto with standard settings, it’s happy to burble around town. The experience belies the price tag –  it costs more than the Porsche Cayman GT4, but lacks the instant driver engagement. For that, you have to switch to one of the ‘R’ modes; when the twin turbos spool up, you’re hammered back into the seat like you’re about to fly to a different planet.

The GT-R is a rocket, for sure, but it’s not as exciting as some of the cars it can beat on the drag strip. It might outrun the 675LT, but the McLaren gives that supercar experience; this, on the other hand, is an four-door cruiser with a boot. So, it seems that you don’t have to be a monster to take one on. 

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Watch Shmee testing the new Nissan GT-R

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