Shovel Knight

Old gold

Are you feeling nostalgic for those pixelated days of old? For those hours spent waiting for games to load? Then look no further than this selection of the best retro games, in glorious HD.  


Shovel Knight

A side-scrolling platform game that delights in being 100 per cent 8-bit (that makes it worth 800 bit-cents, right?). Gamers of a certain age will love it. For Wii U PC and 3DS.


At the controls of a tiny plane, avoid an entire army and chase the power-ups in a pseudo WWII world of full-on dogfights. For PC, Mac, PS3 and PS Vita.  

Towerfall: Ascension

Up to four players – in the same room; no online mode; how retro is that! – battle in an insanely addictive archery attack-athon. For PC, Mac and PS4.

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11 2014 The Red Bulletin

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