Ibiza in Mzansi  

Photography: Shimmy Beach Club 

To party like a prince, head for Shimmy Beach Club

Shimmy Beach Club is South Africa’s answer to the great lifestyle clubs of the Mediterranean. Just ask Goldfish, the SA electro duo who have partnered with Shimmy the last two summers to deliver their legendary Submerged Sundays sessions. “Shimmy is the only club on the continent that compares with the likes of Ushuaia Beach Club in Ibiza or Blue Marlin,” says Dominic Peters, the blonder half of Goldfish.

Situated in Cape Town’s harbour, with views of Robben Island and Table Mountain, Shimmy comprises a host of themed bars, rooms and decks, a restaurant, pool and, of course, a beach. “It’s a place you visit for lunch and never want to leave,” says general manager Shaun Novitzkas. “Front and centre is the music. Our summer programme serves up 10 weeks of top local and international acts from our new stage, designed to mimic the Sydney Opera House, but made of transparent materials, so the views will not be impeded.”

Shimmy Beach Club
South Arm Road
Cape Town Harbour

“It’s a place you visit for lunch and never want to leave”
Shaun Novitzkas

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DJ, producer and club owner Shaun Duvet has been roving the night for 15 years

If I want to impress people I take them to…
Meet my wife.

A local artist every South African should know is…
Black Coffee.

For cocktails I usually go to…
La Perla

I tend to start a night out with a…
Jameson and soda.

I never leave the house at night without…
Fun in mind.


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