Ivana Spanovic

Špano­vić: “My legs are my main assets” 

Photography: Predrag Vuckovic/ Red Bull Content Pool

Long-jump queen Ivana Špano­vić needs to stay small in order to achieve big results.

“Take-off power isn’t the only key factor in the long jump,” says Ivana Špano­vić, who won bronze in the long jump at the 2013 athletics World Championships in Moscow. “Your run-up speed is just as important. So my legs are my main asset. In the build-up to competition, I work on them every day in two training sets, each of which lasts for hours. The fitness centre is my second home.” 

The Serbian, 23, has to strike a balance between her power and her weight. “Because you have to dynamically make your body as small as possible in the air, I’m very careful about what I eat and weigh myself regularly. If you’re a single kilo overweight, you’re already at a disadvantage. The lighter you are, the further you can jump. It’s as simple as that.”

Španović has recommended the following exercises for an optimal workout

Exercise 1 (Photos one and two): Abs training with a difference: going against gravity increases the pressure on your abdominal muscles and lessens the strain on your spine.

Exercise 2 (Photos three and four): Put more spring in your step for a better take-off.

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03/2014 The Red Bulletin

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