Bye Stephen Colbert. Hello Stephen Colbert

Photography: Cherie Vale/Newport Media

The transformation of one man into himself. Bye Stephen Colbert. Hello Stephen Colbert! 

In the world of US late-night TV talk shows – a place the rest of us are visiting in increasing numbers online – the funniest guy is Stephen Colbert. (If you don’t think Tweeting the link to each new edition of The Colbert Report with the phrase “last night’s show, my best yet” is funny, you can skip to the next page.)

His super-satirical take on the news, developed when he worked in the similar infocomedy environment of The Daily Show, ends on December 18 – along with Stephen Colbert. Because he is not real; he is a caricature. Stephen Colbert (his real name) has been playing an OTT talk show host named Stephen Colbert, but when the 50-year-old takes over the straight chat format of Late Show in 2015, he’ll be actual talk show host Stephen Colbert. Whoever he might be.

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