Fashion Tips from rap newcomer Cakes Da Killer

Cakes Da Killa: 
“Smart Casual Is So Boring”

Photography: Eric Johnson
Words: Florian Obkircher

Style tips from the style master: Hotly tipped rap newcomer Cakes Da Killer lets loose on his fashion choices

Granted, a lot of musicians have their own clothing lines these days. But very few of them can actually claim to have a degree in fashion studies. Cakes Da Killa does, and still, he’s not interested in designing clothes at the moment. Instead, after graduating from Montclair State University in May 2013, the rapper has been producing his own videos and fully immersing into music.

With five critically acclaimed mix-tapes under his belt the 25-year-old is now about to release his anticipated debut album Hedonism. It’s a 10 track retrospective, gathering upbeat house stompers such as Up Out My Face (featuring Peaches) and leftfield trap anthems like Talkin Greezy. The album gives an uninhibited insight into Cakes Da Killa’s life and the wild ups and downs, from a blossoming career to relationship heartaches.

For The Red Bulletin, the fashion designer turned rapper answers some pressing questions regarding his delicious style…

Cake Da Killa’s new single New Phone (Who Dis)

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THE RED BULLETIN: Do you own a pair of pink or light blue skinny jeans?

CAKES DA KILLA: No, I only wear black bottoms to smooth out all my curvature.

What statement do you make with your style of clothing?

Don’t talk to me. 

What are you wearing right now?

A old Mishka button up I’ve had for a while and some shorts. The basic look when you’ve been travelling for 24 hours in 3 different airports.

Do you know how to tie a Double Windsor knot?

Nope, wanna teach me? 

What’s your take on canvas tote bags: hipster nonsense or handy accessory?

Depends on the size. 

What personal favourite from your wardrobe does your better half hate the most? … “I don’t have a better half but when I did I would say skirts.“

Which do you prefer: functional coat or leather jacket?

All coats all the time. I’m a coat person. 

Name a great piece of clothing that cost you less than £20…

Less than £20? I have no idea! 

Category closed 👑

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And one that was more than £300.

Everything I buy when I’m shopping in NYC. 

What fashion mistake from your youth do you regret?

Describe a fashion quirk you allow yourself … “My life and entire wardrobe is a quirky.“

It’s a tie between the gumby haircut and cowboy boots. 

What are your three favourite brands?

Lazy Oaf, Liam Hodges and WE ARE MORTALS at the moment. 

What’s your most masculine piece of clothing?

Maybe this fitted I bought from Mexico. 

Which fashion icon should the modern man be orientated towards?

I don’t know the modern man but I would say anything lace. 

I used to sweat you now forget you. Photo by @jamesryang for @interviewmag 🍾

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You need to buy trousers, a shirt and a jumper for your first day in a new job. The requirement is ‘smart casual’. You’re in a town where all shops are within walking distance. How long does it take you to do the shopping?

I would miss my first day!

Define ‘smart casual’.


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HEDONISM is available now via @AppleMusic

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