The stars to follow to re-find your fitness

The stars to follow to re-find your fitness

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Lost the will to train? Follow these icons to rediscover your mojo

Do you find yourself avoiding your workouts and always making excuses why you can’t train? To get a much-needed dose of motivation, simply head to social media and get some cool role models. On Snapchat, bodybuilder icon Arnold Schwarzenegger (@arnoldschnitzel) offers plenty of encouragement, provides easy fitness tips and constantly answers questions from his fans. 

There are plenty of stars who share their active lives with us all. Here are some of the fittest you can follow.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Since the former Governator joined Snapchat two years ago, he has become one of the video messaging app’s most popular celebrities. As entertaining as he is informing, Arnie keeps his fans up to date with his fitness routine and gives training tips in his inimitable, Austrian-tinged English. And if his followers want to see it (including Kevin Hart), the action icon will even show off his fleet of foot with a few steps of a waltz.

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

As well as having the perfect superhero body, Dwayne Johnson keeps in continuous touch with his fans via Instagram. With a packed schedule that includes numerous film projects and a host of TV appearances, it is hard to imagine how he finds time to get to the gym – but get there he does. Always in a good mood and the epitome of his ‘just bring it’ attitude, The Rock is a living testament to how hard work and training can be fun.

Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood didn’t just inherit the youthful good looks from father Clint – he got the coolness of Dirty Harry too. The fitness junkie is as likely to appear with a cold beer in hand as he is being pulled behind a speedboat on a surfboard. His regular training program includes boxing, jiu-jitsu and even an improvised workout in the garden. Eastwood is also grounded enough to know that not everyone has it as easy as a budding film star, and is always ready with some encouraging words for his followers.

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Jason Momoa

When it comes to wild and not entirely safe sports, Jason Momoa is your man. The Aquaman actor’s Instagram feed is full of clips and pics of the big man and his pals indulging in archery, axe-throwing and rock climbing. It’s clear that keeping fit and enjoying the great outdoors are an integral part of the Game of Thrones star’s life – but never so much that he never goes too long without an ale or two.

I love beer and throwing Hawks mahalo @jackaxesinc BOOM

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Thor Björnsson

Another Game of Thrones alumnus, Hafthor Julius ‘Thor’ Björnsson – better known as The Mountain – is also one of the strongest men in the world. The 192kg giant, who has twice won Europe’s Strongest Man, hardly seems to leave the gym, and constantly posts photos and videos of his primal workout routine.

Team push ups. Tag a gym buddy to do #TeamPushUps with. @gretasalome

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Also worth a look is Björnsson’s diet: protein shakes, at least six eggs and bacon with oatmeal for breakfast are the foundations on which this mountain is built. His dinner: meat, meat and more meat.

Let's eat! @sushisocialreykjavik

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