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Take a sky-high holiday overlooking a cliff

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Lots of hotels and rental apartments across the world spoil their guests with jaw-dropping views, but there aren’t many that can have the luxury of sitting on top of a cliff. Would you brave a night at one of these coastal dwellings?

With completely unobstructed views and a sense of literally living life on the edge, clifftop holiday accommodation offers up a cocktail of solitude and a hint of danger for guests. They make for the perfect holiday retreats (unless you have a fear of heights).

Here are five of the most stunning from around the world:

  1. Cliff House, Australia
  2. The Pole House, Australia
  3. Malimbu Cliff Villa, Indonesia
  4. Cabrita Cliff House, US Virgin Islands
  5. Casa Brutale, Lebanon

Cliff House, Australia

Cliff House by #modscape #architects

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Delicately perched above open water with panoramic 180-degree views of the ocean, it goes without saying that this apartment isn’t suitable for people prone to vertigo. Designed by Australian architecture firm Modscape, the five-story Cliff House features huge glass windows as well as three bedrooms, a bathroom and an open-air spa with typical Australian barbecue. You won’t be able to visit it yet though as the building is still in the design stages.

The Pole House, Australia

#GreatOceanRoad#thepolehouse#holiday#getaway Our home for the next few days 💙

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Sitting over 130 feet above Fairhaven Beach, this is the most photographed flat on Great Ocean Road, and it’s not hard to see why. This “floating” house on steel stilts recently reopened to holidaymakers after a five-year makeover, and boasts a queen-sized bed as well as floor-to-ceiling windows. Yours, if you can spare £1,500 for a week’s stay.

Malimbu Cliff Villa, Indonesia

Malimbu Cliff Villa doesn’t directly overlook the sea, but instead sits on a hillside surrounded by coconut trees. Guests at this residence will be struck by the nature around them. A relaxing dip in the 18-metre-long infinity pool offers glimpses of local monkeys swinging from tree to tree, as well as views of the mystical Gunung Agungon volcano on the horizon ahead. If that’s not interesting enough, then visitors can always catch some rays when paying a visit to the private beach below.

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Cabrita Cliff House, US Virgin Islands

Cabrita Cliff Haus

Cabrita Cliff Haus

Spread over 8,000 sprawling square feet, Cabrita Cliff House is a stunning getaway that offers sumptuous accommodations for 14. Its high ceilings and 16-foot glass pocket doors mean you can experience the wonderful views from the comfort of the (air-conditioned) indoors - but honestly, with all that Caribbean sunshine, why would you want to do that?

Casa Brutale, Lebanon

Si quelqu'un veut me faire un petit cadeau immobilier, je veux ça. Merci d'avance. #casabrutale

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With a rooftop swimming pool and entirely glass facade, this unusual building isn’t on, but in, a cliff. Well, when it gets built, that is. Initially set to be erected overlooking the Aegean Sea on the Greek coast, when a developer secured the contract, plans shifted to construct Casa Brutale in Lebanon’s Faqra Mountain, which sits 1,600 metres above sea level. This two-storey house has room for six people, and is due to be completed in 2018.

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