The best exit rooms in the UK

Escape to victory: can you find your way out of a locked room?

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Does the thought of being stuck in a room with your work colleagues, or even your mates, sound like your idea of hell? Or maybe these London escape experiences are the ultimate bonding exercise?

From a real-life version of a childhood TV favourite to escape adventures, London is full of immersive experiences. One such game is The Crystal Maze, the cult 90’s show where teams had to solve riddles to negotiate zones, collect crystals, and face the final challenge of the Dome, which has been recreated in the capital city thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.   

Teams of eight must test their skills, guided by a Maze Master, to travel across four zones built on a site in north London. But it’s not the only interactive team-building game in the city. Here’s five more:

  1. Time Run
  2. Omescape London
  3. Escape Plan
  4. Sherlock Unlock
  5. ClueQuest

Time Run

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With teams of three to five people, this temporal challenge sees participants attempting to help scientist from the future Luna Fox and her assistant Babbage as they travel through the ages in search of a mysterious artefact. To complete the mission and save the world, you must solve puzzles and challenges in ‘hyper-real worlds’ which combine interactive technology and movie-set quality environments. And you have one hour to do it. The experience is running until February 2017.

Omescape London

With over 30 such experiences in Asia, America, and Australia, Omescape’s prison-like setting in London has three escape room games, terrifyingly titled Joker’s Asylum, The Penitentiary, and Biohazard Laboratory. With between 3 and 7 players on a team, you must overcome puzzles and negotiate the mechanical and automated maze of rooms in this 3400 square foot dark world. You have one hour to find clues, and even your separated teammates, to eventually gain your freedom.

Escape Plan

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Latest stats: 56% of teams escape. Average time: 60mins 41secs. Fastest: 42.38. Last team: 59.57 #60minstobreakfree

Ever wanted to be Steve McQueen and plot your own World War II escape? Escape Plan near Kennington pits you and your Allied comrades against the clock as you gather intelligence, piece together clues and figure out the legend of Bob Hails, the only prisoner ever to escape the P.O.W. camp where you are being held. Up to seven people can make up a team with prices depending on peak times. 

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Sherlock Unlock

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Fancy yourself as Baker Street’s foremost detective? You have 60 minutes to figure your way out of a locked room but how do you do it? You and your team must discover a series of hidden clues and solve the teasers to make your escape. There’s a time travel adventure with Chaos, a global biological attack in Outbreak, and the smell of mystery aboard a drifting ship in Mutiny.


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A crime fighting secret agency wants you to join the ranks. To open the locks keeping you inside ClueQuest, your team must work together to crack codes and solve every puzzle. With three games to choose from, the newest mission sees you and your teammates battling the evil Professor Blacksheep among custom-built props and gadgets in a race against time.

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