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The best gadgets and gifts for geeks this year

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Comics, gaming and other geek culture have never been more mainstream. Inspired by big screen blockbusters and retro favourites, here are some of the gizmos you’ll be begging Santa for this Christmas

Gone are the days when being a nerd was deemed an insult. Geek chic is definitely still in fashion. You only have to look at Hollywood, full of comic superhero epics, reboots of shows like Star Trek, and major pop-culture events like the latest Star Wars release. Not to mention TV shows like Stranger Things making Dungeons & Dragons seem positively hipster. 

With the clock ticking down to the big day, have you done all your Christmas shopping? If not, we have a few more gadgets in store that you may well want to add to your list.

  • Star Wars Headphones
  • Remote Control BB-8
  • RetroN 5 Video Gaming System
  • Sci-fi Drone
  • Super Mario Question Block Lamp
  • Japanese KitKats
  • Surprise Boxes
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1. Star Wars Headphones

As with The Force Awakens last year and the upcoming Episode VIII next year, this Christmas there’s a new Star Wars film out with Rogue One. Naturally, retailers are marking this event by selling lots of product tie-ins and gimmicks on their shelves – so if the Force is strong with you, you’re in for a treat. The pick of the bunch is the range of different themed headsets, each based on a different character. Treat yourself to the Chewbacca, Darth Vader or R2D2 versions.

Price: £100

Grab a pair. #starwarsxsmsaudio

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2. RetroN 5 Video Gaming System

One device to rule them all. Even if today’s Xbox One and PS4 games produce a carnival of UHD 4K graphics, you just can’t beat the charm of the earliest games consoles. Back in the 1980s, consoles tended to produce their own titles, so you’d have to own multiple machines, which would have been very expensive at the time. Thanks to the RetroN, you can play all your childhood favourites from Nintendo or Sega on the same five-in-one system.

Price: £115

Los niños y yo te tardes...#retron5

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3. Remote Control BB-8

Speaking of The Force Awakens, the breakout star of last year’s blockbuster was undoubtedly the cuddly droid BB-8. This year sees an updated remote controlled version of the little tin man that uses Bluetooth Bracelet. You’ll feel just like a Jedi Knight as you move BB-8 with the power of your mind (and wrists). Use the radio waves, Luke!

Price: £150

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4. Sci-fi Drone

Propel produce remote-controlled toys and technology products, including video drones for people to race with others, take great photographs or create action-packed videos. There’s a range of different designs, featuring mini characters or themes, including the Batwing.

Price: £60

© YouTube // Flyin’ Ryan RC

5. Super Mario Question Block Lamp

There are few things in life more satisfying than booping a Question Block on a Super Mario game. The possibilities are endless… it could be anything from a Super Mushroom, to a Tanooki Suit or a Super Star. Now you can buy the Question Block as a bedside lamp, complete with the classic 8-bit “ba-ding!” sound permanently lodged into the part of your brain that stores warm nostalgia.

Price: £20

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6. Japanese KitKats

“Have a break…Have a Kit Kat” is the famous slogan of that staple of mid-afternoon snacks, the humble KitKat. In the UK, the bars are a bit dull and limited to brown or white chocolate. However, this isn’t the case in Japan. Here, you can find a range of exotic and downright unusual flavours, such as butter, pumpkin, green tea and even wasabi. Now that’s a proper break.

Price: Pack of 12 bars for £6

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7. Surprise boxes

So you’re sitting by the light of your Question Block Lamp about to load up a game on the RetroN, with your Chewbacca headphones on and your funky new KitKat selection in a bowl. What do you buy the geek who has everything? A subscription to a service such as Loot Crate, of course! Each month you’ll get a shiny new surprise gift from the gaming and comic world, meaning you get twelve extra presents throughout the year.

Price: From £20 per month

Thank you LootCrate October's box is great. Just in time for the walking dead season premiere #lootcrateunboxing #lootcrate

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