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7 of the best viral adverts you should have seen by now 

They amazed, they amused and they were talked about the world over. Here are 7 of the most viral adverts that you should have seen by now

Van Damme and Volvo Trucks

If you failed to pick up on this one when it came out then we can only assume you were living in a hole. The ad became a hit as soon as it was released, sparking parodies and memes across the globe. It’s been watched over 80 million times since then. 

© YouTube // Volvo Trucks

Evian Babies

Evian set the babies loose on the world in 1998, 15 years later, the new version of the classic ad is working better than ever thanks to the viral potential of the Internet, as over 117 million views prove. 

© YouTube // EvianBabies

Internet Explorer and the kids of the 90s

If you grew up in the ’90s then you can be forgiven for getting a little nostalgic while watching this one. Who didn’t have at least one of these things at home?? The message at the end is a poignant one from Microsoft, which has been watched over 48 million times. Will it convince you to go back to Internet Explorer? Probably not…



© YouTube // internetexplorer

GoPro goes feline 

If you’re looking for success on the Internet then you can’t go wrong with cats. Something GoPro made use of in this 2013 video that was watched over 28 million times. 



© YouTube // GoPro

Heineken know what men want 

A walk-in fridge filled with the amber nectar – what more could a man want? Heineken knew exactly how to excite the male fantasy with this ad, sparking debate and discussion about the realistic possibilities of such a fridge both online and offline. 



© YouTube // Secret Agency

Volkswagen - The Force

Things were very different for VW back in 2011. A time when people were still complimenting their marketing savvy, rather than their skills of deception. The advert has been viewed over 63 million times. 

© YouTube // Volkswagen USA

Edeka grandpa

Many found this one to be a stroke of genius, others deemed it depressing. but with over 45 million views this advert became the talk of the town before Christmas, exactly what the marketers set out to do. 



© YouTube // Edeka

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