Five brilliant ways to recycle that old smartphone of yours

Five brilliant ways to recycle that old smartphone of yours

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Another year, another smartphone. Upgrading to the latest products can become expensive and means you’ve probably got some perfectly good phones gathering dust in the cupboard. Here’s how you can put them to good use

With the iPhone 7 consigning older versions of Apple’s flagship product to desk drawers around the world, most of these older models won’t see the light of day again, despite being perfectly functional in a number of ways.

Well it’s time to banish those smartphone skeletons from your closet, as they can be turned into cool gadgets to help you around the house.

Here are five great things to do with your old handset:

VR glasses

Thanks to the wonder of Google Cardboard, you can turn a compatible old smartphone with a gyro sensor into a bespoke VR headset, for a fraction of the cost of premium models like the Oculus Rift. Coupled with the Fulldive app, you’ll be able to use your ‘new’ toy to browse through tonnes of 360 degree immersive videos and other VR content.

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Universal remote

If you’re a tech-head and have embraced the Internet of Things – from smart-fridges to electronic door locks – your home will be full of futuristic devices. Why not turn your old smartphone into a universal remote? You can use it to control anything from your television, to your sound system and even a smart light with just a single gadget. You’ll be able to load it with apps to match the products, and, best of all, you’ll even be able to go hands-free and use voice commands.

Music player

Space is at a premium on most smartphones, with extensive music files tending to take up so much of it. Why not shift your digital music collection onto one of your old phones instead of your everyday one? Better still, if you’re an Apple Music or Spotify user, you can use it as a music streaming device and listen to it around the house by hooking it up with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

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Surveillance camera

Setting up a home security system can involve forking out hundreds of pounds on expensive cameras, installation costs as well as paying a monthly service fee. With the help of a security camera app, however, you can turn your old phone into a surveillance camera and stream goings on outside or inside your house. If you’re really serious about it, you can even buy a wide angle lens for your phone online for less than a tenner.

Alarm clock

Chances are that you use your current smartphone to help you haul yourself out of bed in the morning, but why not outsource this to your old one? You can get a mobile stand for a few pounds, and there are plenty of good clock apps, such as Timely, that can help you do anything from nudging you to wake up to measuring your productivity. You can also use your old phone as a digital photo frame that plays slideshows of your favourite images or videos, to give your home décor a modern feel.

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