Ego Superyacht

The Ego Superyacht Catamaran

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Is yachting too formal for your tastes? Take a look at this concept – it’s a more laid-back take on the luxury catamaran style

The Ego Superyacht Catamaran is the latest concept from Hong Kong-based company Giamboi Designs.

The 36-metre long, 12.7-metre wide vessel is comprised of three decks. The interior includes two stylish loft apartment-like master cabins.

There’s further accommodation in the portside hull in the form of two guest cabins. The starboard hull, meanwhile, can house up to six members of crew. You’ll need them to lay on food and drink for your guests, and to pilot the catamaran when you’ve had a few too many cocktails.

The designer, Mauro Giamboi, says his contemporary stylings cater for a new generation of clientele who are “less formal” in their approach to yachting.

Take a look at the Ego concept in the pictures below. 

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