Koenigsegg Regera red

all the king’s horses

Koenigsegg intends on taking the supercar throne by force

In Swedish, Regera means ‘to reign’, and Koenigsegg’s well-named first hybrid appears to have the power to do just that.

The Swedish manufacturer’s luxury megacar offers horsepower that climbs into the purely theoretical, via a 5-litre, twin-turbo internal-combustion engine that mates 1,100hp with an electric motor offering 700hp for performance that should be mind-blowing. 

It’s capable of 0-100kph in 2.8 seconds and can reach speeds of 400kph in under 20 seconds.

It’s a plug-in hybrid with the charging socket tucked away at the rear, above a cooling vent designed to mimic an exhaust. It’s also gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see one on the road. 


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The Regera weighs just 1,470kg, and the roof stows in the bonnet.

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