The Most Bizarre Lodgings Around the World: Part 1

Words: Larry Bleiberg
Photo: Manta Resort


Salty Stay: Palacio de Sal

Take our advice. If you have a pet slug, you’re not going to want to bring him to the Palacio de Sal, where just about everything — walls, ceilings, tables and chairs — is made of salt.

Although it sounds like a science project that got out of hand, building with sodium chloride makes perfect sense when you’re located on the world’s largest salt flat, Bolivia’s 4,000 square-mile Salar de Uyunis.

You’ll love exploring the mind-blowing scenery, but then head to the bar and order tequila. Trust us, you won’t be the first visitor to lick the wall after taking a shot.

Austrian pipe dream: Das Park Hotel

Here’s just one weird thing about spending the night in a sewage pipe: It doesn’t have a bathroom. When nature calls, you’ve got to leave your concrete confines and head to a communal toilet.

But these six-and-a-half foot diameter rooms still make a good place to bed down. They have no set rate, so you just pay what you want. And it’s all self-service, with an access code provided by email. This spot near Linz, Austria, also boasts a mini-bar, swimming pool and original art in each pipe. The owners, no doubt, are flush with pride.

Austria, Pipe Room

© Das Park Hotel

High life: Harlingen Harbour Crane

Even if you don’t drink, you’re guaranteed to get the bed spins at this Dutch bed-and-breakfast perched in a harbour crane. 

While guests must squeeze into a tiny elevator for the ride up, there’s plenty of space in the industrial-chic hideaway, with observation windows, an open-air deck and controls that will rotate the entire room. Amenities include a flat-screen TV and audio system. But forget the electronics for once, and pick up the provided binoculars. Nothing beats the sweeping water views.

Crane Room, Denmark

© Havenkraan

One cool room: Ice Hotel

It’s hard to imagine anything more chilled out than sleeping in a building made entirely of ice. Throw in a chance to see the northern lights and explore the Arctic, and we’re talking one cool getaway.

While Sweden’s ice hotel is built entirely of frozen H2O, it’s surprisingly comfortable. Guests wander a trippy interior illuminated by coloured LED lights. And come bedtime, they keep snug in expedition-weight sleeping bags. When nature calls, just chill. Warm bathrooms are just a few steps away in a nearby building.

Sweden, Ice Hotel, Ice Room

© The Ice Hotel

Plane in a tree: Costa Verde

If you’ve ever wanted to do the deed in a Boeing jet we’ve got a plan for you. Check into this two-bedroom suite built inside a 727 fuselage. It’s perched in the Costa Rican jungle atop a 50-foot pedestal, so while it technically doesn’t qualify for the mile-high club, you’ll still have a memorable visit.

Lined with teak from cockpit to tail, the rooms come furnished with queen-sized beds and include a deck with ocean views.


© Costa Verde Resort

Deep sleep: The Manta Resort

Sleeping with the fishes isn’t such a bad thing, when your bed’s surrounded by double-paned glass more than 15 feet underwater.

Guests at this exclusive resort take a boat out to their suite, located off the African island of Zanzibar. Staff brings meals, but otherwise guests are left alone to kayak and enjoy drinks on the sundeck. But the real action’s in the underwater bedroom, where octopuses, squid and giant Spanish dancers swim by the windows to check you out.


Zanzibar, Underwater House

© The Manta Resort

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