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the most disgusting drinks in the world


From urine whisky to snake wine: These drinks are more a test of courage than drops of pleasure

On any globetrotting adventure, it’s simply a must to try local specialities but don’t be surprised if something disgusting looking or ghastly smelling lands on your plate. But it’s not only chefs who prepare some horrifying local delicacies. You’ll also find some crazy drinks behind many of the bars. Here are seven of the most extraordinary choices with downright weird ingredients:

  • Baby Mouse Wine
  • Elephant Dung Beer
  • Urine Whisky
  • Seed Beer
  • Snake Wine
  • Whale Testicle Beer
  • Three Penis Rice Wine
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Baby Mouse Wine, China

Adding tasty ingredients to alcohol is a common practice around the world. But while you might think of fruits and vegetables, the Chinese apparently refine their wine with baby mice. This particular tipple is not usually chosen for drinking but is regarded as a type of medicine. 

Elephant Dung Beer, Japan

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You might have already heard of Kopi Luwak, the famous coffee made from the coffee cherries excreted by a type of Asian cat. The Japanese brewery with the unusual name Sankt Gallen takes this concept even further - in this case, elephants eat the coffee beans. The rare “Black Ivory” coffee is produced from the animal’s excretions which are also used to make the “Un, Kono Kuro” beer.

Urine Whisky, England

Пражский Пивовар

Самые необычные,опасные спиртные напитки в мире. Напитки из разных стран, которые вы вряд ли захотите попробовать. 1. Айяуаска Айяуаска (в переводе с языка кечуа - "лиана мертвых" или "лиана...

Fortunately, (or unfortunately), this whisky is not available to buy. It is the project of the artist James Gilpin. A component of the James Gilpin Family Whisky is the urine of elderly diabetic patients. The sugar it contains is extracted and used during the fermentation process of the spirit.

Seed Beer, New Zealand

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No, we not talking plant seeds here. The Green Man Pub in Wellington, New Zealand likes to serve drinks that contain the semen of male animals. In 2011, the pub served horse seed shots and in 2015, they offered stag semen stout. However, as these were limited time offers, you’ll have to wait for the next load, so to speak. 

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Snake Wine, Vietnam

This Asian speciality is particularly popular in Vietnam. Poisonous snakes are added to rice wine and the venom is then neutralised by the alcohol. If you’re interested in fresh preparation, you should pay a visit to the Hanoi district of Le Mat - also known as “Snake Village”. There you will witness a living snake slaughtered by an expert before your eyes. Afterwards, you will be served with blood, heart or gall bladder in small schnapps with rice wine.

Whale Testicle Beer, Iceland

Excrement and animal testicles are an unbeatable combination, right? The Icelandic microbrewery Stedji - the word means anvil - smokes the testicles of fin whales in small wooden huts with sheep dung. Then the animal parts are placed in a boiling pan. The end product is Hvalur 2 beer and the brewmaster responsible is actually a German.

Three Penis Rice Wine, China


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In China, specific body parts of animals are often believed to be potency-enhancing, especially penises. So, what could be better than using them to produce a rice wine? The “Three Penis Shot” contains the best piece of seal, deer and Cantonese dog.

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