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Best of 2016: The most spectacular Instagram travel accounts

Photo: instagram / muradosmann

These photographers turn their passions into their professions and take their growing numbers of followers on a trip around the globe

Some of the most popular Instagram accounts focused on travel photography were launched by people with a one-way ticket to explore the world. Today these photographers show some of the most beautiful places on the planet in the best light and allow their followers to participate in their globetrotting adventures.

Check out some of the best travel accounts of the year 2016 from:

  • @muradosmann  
  • @expertvagabond 
  • @ovunno 
  • @chaiwalla 
  • and more
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Murad Osman - @muradosmann

4.4 million Followers

In the photos of Osman’s “Follow Me” project, his wife Nataly is always captured in native dress posing in naturally stunning locations. The cult series was launched in 2011 after Nataly complained when her husband constantly stopped somewhere to take pictures.

Matthew Karsten - @expertvagabond

As-salāmu ʿalaykum -- "peace be upon you." •• #Afghanistan #portraits

A post shared by Matt • Expert Vagabond (@expertvagabond) on


The way Matt launched his career as a travel blogger seems almost typical nowadays. In 2010, he quit his job, left his girlfriend and took to touring the globe. He loves to share his motto with others: “I want to show you how you can travel the world to strive for experience instead of ownership and to open your mind to new possibilities.”

Oliver Vegas - @ovunno 


Oliver Vegas is also an active sports photographer but on Instagram, you’ll only find the travel pictures of this freelancer from Barcelona. He describes his method of picture-taking with three words: “Collecting, feel, transmit.”

Allan Edward Hinton - @chaiwalla 


Hinton also left his office job behind to tour the world capturing images and has now been travelling for almost three years. In his very minimalistic, yet stunning photographs, he documents the country, people and architecture of his chosen destination.

Conor MacNeill - @thefella 


This Irishman particularly specialises in landscape and architecture. In his Instagram posts, the professional photographer always informs you of each spot where he has captured a scene. His locations can range anywhere from German castles to the wilderness of the Faroe Islands. 

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Raphael Alexander Zoren - @journeywonders 


The Mexican brings the beauty of his hometown Acapulco to his followers, but also shows the rest of the world in particularly colourful shots. His goal: to inspire the people of the globe to unleash their full inner potential.

Daniel Noll - @uncornered_market 


Together with his wife, Daniel Noll forms a storytelling team. So far, the couple has visited over 90 different countries. Noll’s pictures can range from people and cities in Asia to markets, the ruins of South Africa, or snapshots of pristine African wilderness. 

Mark Wiens - @migrationology


Searching for the best food at your next travel destination? Or maybe you just want to go where the cuisine tastes good? Marc Vienna’s account is the source of inspiration for you. The “full-time travel eater” with the slogan “travel for food” has the tastiest tips. 

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