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Do you really want to download another app? Sometimes it pays to ditch the digital in favour of simpler pleasures

Floating Record Turntable

To see that analogue audio is alive and kicking, look no further than the US company that made vinyl vertical. This space-saving turntable is quick to load and has speakers in its base (available in maple or walnut veneer).

Special Feature: The vertical turntable creates the illusion of a floating record and showcases any artwork on the vinyl as it spins


© Gramovox // YouTube

Hot Box

As the name suggests, this attractive cube is the urban answer to a fire pit. Sit around it with friends and warm your hands in winter, then add meat for a sizzling summer BBQ.


Swiss Tool Case

Even DIY-phobes will fall for the aesthetic charms of this 24-piece tool collection crafted from finely sanded and oiled Swiss wood.


© Outdoor Technology // YouTube

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