The $250m concept yacht Shaddai

The quarter-billion-dollar yacht designed to make you feel all-powerful

Words: JJ Dunning
Images: Gabriel Teruzzi

Italian designer Gabriel Teruzzi has conceived Shaddai, a $250million super-yacht that’s supposed to make you feel like a deity. Check out its specs…

Ever dreamt of owning a yacht that makes you feel like a God? Well, if you’ve got a quarter of a billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you might be able to make that dream a reality.

Italian designer Gabriel Teruzzi has created Shaddai: omnipotence, a spectacular mega-yacht concept.

Teruzzi’s design takes its cues from modern skycrapers, the Tower of Babel and the Egyptian pyramids. However, the objective is to do more than create a thing of beauty. Gabriel says his blueprint intends “to take the owner to a point of extreme sense of power”.

Teruzzi’s concept offers amazing views from the 38-meter-high Owner’s Cabin.

© Gabriel Teruzzi

The yacht’s name reflects Teruzzi’s mission statement; ‘Shaddai’ is a hebrew word that has a rough equivalent in English as “omnipotent”.

Shaddai uses materials from top Italian fashion houses.

© Gabriel Teruzzi

As yet, there is no news on whether any of the world’s billionaires will be stumping up the cash to realise Teruzzi’s vision.

Even if they do, Shaddai will not be the world’s most expensive mega-yacht. According to, as of 2016 that honour belongs to the $4.5billion History Supreme.

$250m (£170m) seems like good value now, eh?

The yacht’s “luxury space”, the Beach Club, is a dual-aspect lounge area with an aquarium.

© Gabriel Teruzzi

Shaddai: the stats

  • 150 meters long
  • 38 meters high
  • 105 square meters of private terrace in the suspended cabin
  • 300 square meters of “Beach club” space below deck
  • 1 glass-bottomed inifinity pool with waterfall
  • 1 aquarium

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