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Need some inspiration to achieve your fitness goals? These are the Instagram accounts that you should be following

Forget the pictures of junk food, pets and sunsets. Instagram has much more to offer for those who need a little extra push to get to the gym or if you want to learn new and advanced workouts and exercise routines.

The only problem is that there are so many fitness-related Instagram accounts out there that it can be difficult to separate the bad from the good. But these dudes know what they’re doing.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an actor, producer and semi-retired wrestler. He posts pictures and videos @therock that not only inspire you to push past the burning muscles and the voice in your head telling you that’s enough. He also shares stories about his upbringing, charity work and latest Hollywood blockbusters. If anyone’s going to kick you out of bed, it’s The Rock.


Something a bit different here as the @bjgaddour account has a feed that includes many workouts that just use bodyweight. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve by simply using the tools that you’ve had all along. The great thing is that Gaddour posts lots of videos and descriptions that explain how to execute specific workouts and exercises.


Get all of the workout tips, nutritional advice, inspirational quotes and exercise guides that you need by following @willsworkout.

The trainer works with both elite and amateur athletes so he knows what he’s talking about. When you’re on the brink of exhaustion and about to throw in the towel, this is the account that will inspire you to push yourself to the next level. 

Lifting heavy stuff. 315 lbs 4RM Deadlift. #TodayIGetStronger

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This is another account that inspires you to push the boundaries of what your body can achieve. @rix.official belongs to movement coach Ricky Warren with posts on combat arts, yoga, calisthenics and freerunning – because fitness isn’t only about the gym. Who doesn’t want to achieve this level of strength and balance?


The account of @bradleymartyn is home to the personal trainer and fitness coach Bradley Martyn. He’s not here to add filler to your Instagram feed. No. He posts lots of pictures and videos that set out how to properly perform specific workouts and exercises. 


@curtiswilliams17 is the account of the former NFL athlete and sports performance coach Curtis Williams. He shares ways for you to train inside and outside of the gym. If you want to go beyond the basics and learn more advanced exercises and workouts, then this is the one you want to see in your Instagram feed.

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