The ultimate male

The Ultimate Male? 

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The search for the perfect man ends here. We’ve taken the best parts of some of the world’s biggest Hollywood stars to create a guy that even your mother-in-law couldn’t refuse. So read on and take inspiration for that next Tinder date 

Style - David Beckham

DB7 sent ripples through the footballing world, not only for his talent, but also for his style. And it wasn’t just the sarongs and suits that impressed, it was his many hairstyles as well.  Beckham has tried it all, and looked good every time.  

What can we learn: go with the times and don’t be afraid to adapt to the circumstances. 

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Eloquence - Peter Dinklage 

Having a golden tongue and the ability to sway others to your beckon call is a power many underestimate. Though small in stature, the Game of Thrones star has a commanding presence; his voice dances on the fine line between a dark promise, crisp decisiveness, and hotter sex appeal.           

What we can learn: diplomacy and rhetoric could well save your skin at that all-important “interview” with your girlfriend’s parents, so work on your words. 

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Humour - Neil Patrick Harris

Humour consistently hits the number one spot when it comes to what people like in a partner. In the end, it’s not always the easiest thing to do to lighten the mood or make someone laugh. One who has mastered the art is Neil Patrick Harris. There’s no escaping the fact the How I Met Your Mother star is a powerhouse of good vibes, and the man can sing too. 

What we can learn: never take yourself too seriously. 

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body - Charlie Hunnam 

There’s no such thing as a perfect figure, but being lean and mean never hurt anyone. You need to strike a balance between looking naturally toned and not like you spend all your free time in the gym staring at your reflection. One who ticks the boxes? Charlie Hunnan’s rebellious “Jax” Teller in gritty biker series Sons of Anarchy.  He makes the dangerous dirty work look fun. 

What we can learn: if you don’t have the time and energy to buff up like a Hollywood star, then just say no to that Black Forest gâteau and do some bodyweight exercises while watching Sons of Anarchy instead. 

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Coolness - Samuel L. Jackson 

We all want to be cool, but coolness is often very subjective. One man we can all agree on as being coolness personified however, is Samuel L. Jackson. From the way he sips the “tasty beverage” in Pulp Fiction to bringing a touch of danger to the Marvel Universe, no one beats Sam. 

What we can learn: Samuel L. Jackson is cool because it feels natural, not forced. Just be yourself and define your own version of coolness. 

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Gentlemanly manners - Sean Connery 

A single ‘Yesssh’ is enough to make us swoon. Surely this Scot can’t be beaten as the ultimate gentleman. Not only has Sean Connery played James Bond, but even at over 80 years of age, there’s hardly a woman alive who can resist that voice. The knighted legend has brought style to perfection. 

What we can learn: treat people the way you’d like to be treated and never forget your manners, whether you’re at home with parents or on the bus to work. 

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