Café Caprice, Cape Town

The World’s Best Clubs - Cape Town’s Café Caprice

Photography:é Caprice

It’s the perfect summer’s day: an afternoon on Camps Bay’s beautiful beach, then across the road for sundowners and a rocking party
Café Caprice
Café Caprice

37 Victoria Road, Camps Bay
Cape Town, South Africa
+27 21 438 8315

We love running a venue in this town because…

You can’t compare Cape Town and Camps Bay to anywhere else in South Africa. It’s just so cosmopolitan. It has the most incredible energy, especially in the summer months. When we started our cafe in 2001, our idea was to bring a beach bar to Cape Town. There weren’t really any true beach bars in South Africa and Camps Bay was ready for it.

From outside our club looks…

Like an old Greek building – the old arches are very prominent. As are the tables outside – we were the first to put tables on the pavement.

We really get going at…

It’s an all-day venue – some people come in at nine in the morning and stay all day. The best time is obviously around sunset, especially in the summertime.

Our regulars are…

Creative, edgy, trendy – the typical Cape Town guy and girl, trying hard not to try too hard. Some celebrities who have visited Café Caprice include Nicky and Leanne Van Der Walt, Dale Steyn, Percy Montgomery, Stormer & Brumbies, reality TV star Jamie Lang and Roger Taylor (drummer from Queen).

It’s an all-day venue – some people come in at nine in the morning and stay all day.
Dave Raad, club owner

I’d consider it packed if…

There’s 300 people in here, that’s pretty much capacity.

The craziest night was…

Too many memorable ones! But one that comes to mind ended up with two European models asking me if they could take my barman home.

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02 2016

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