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Shark Shots

Photography: Michael Muller

Famed celebrity photographer Michael Muller features breathtaking portfolio of shark photos in Taschen’s new hardcover.

Michael Muller is the photographer behind iconic images of many of Hollywood’s greats: Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix and Bruce Willis. He crafts beautiful shots with unique lighting and personality.

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But what really gets him going are sharks: great whites, tiger sharks, bull sharks, whitetips. In 2007 when he turned his attention to sharks, he began a portfolio that would blow all prior documentation on these creatures out of the water. He’s been pivotal in bringing sharks to a global audience with his photos and his innovative lighting technologies have enabled him to capture these glorious underwater beasts in their natural habitats. To celebrate his remarkable portfolio, TASCHEN recently released the aptly named hardcover, Sharks, featuring Muller’s work from across the globe.

Below is a sneak peek of what you can expect inside the pages of Sharks!

“Not that [sharks], especially great whites, aren’t dangerous, but you don’t see people hell-bent on exterminating lions for being kings of their domains.”
michael muller

Michael Muller’s Sharks

“It still strikes me as so strange that sharks, the things that terrified me the most as a child, would be what ended up giving my life’s work an entirely new sense of purpose and meaning.” 
sharks el nino california

Oceanic whitetip, Cat Island. “Shooting in the Bahamas is like shooting nowhere else in the world. The water is crystal clear, so blue you almost feel like you’re in the pool at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami!”

“We’ve had a couple lights blow up in our hands over the years, and some sharks have nibbled on cables [or] bitten the metal domes—they’ve got the teeth marks to prove it but they still work.” 
sharks el nino california

Lemon sharks, Tiger Beach.  For years the most common question I got was, “Have you ever had a close call?” The answer was always “no” until this tiger shark expedition. 

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