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Forget super yachts, these billion-dollar super subs are the ultimate in extravagance

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: Courtesy of Oliver’s Travels

Live lavishly on this private 115-metre submersible yacht – it comes with a private butler, a helicopter pad and an epic pool

The ocean has long been the playground of billionaires and their extravagant shows of wealth, the world’s richest showing off their $250 million super yachts with heli-pads and swimming pools to boot. Buy hey, anyone can get access to a boat and experience the thrills of sailing the ocean - surrounded by excessive luxuries or not.

The big dogs, they go below. In super submarines that feature all the excess of their surface-swelling counterparts but with the added benefit of being completely out of site and submerged alongside the fishes - but still breathing.

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As you’d expect, super subs are a niche market and a rarity even among the super wealthy. But there are two companies currently purveying luxury submersible goods: Migaloo Super Yachts and Lovers Deep. Jump aboard and check them out right here.

As it stands, the five exorbitant Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht options exist in concept only as the company stands by for a Saudi Prince to commission one of the 115-metre marine millennium falcons, with a pool, hot tub and beach club to boot. Then there’s the standard features like a helipad, a two-story secure luxury suite, and eight VIP suites. Oh, and it’s still a submarine, folks – based on the US Navy’s Virginia-class military sub.

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There’s no price tag on the ultimate villain’s lair, but those Virginia subs are said to costs in excess of US $2bn. The good news is there’s a somewhat more accessible luxury sub option in existence and available for nightly rental. Even though Airbnb’s price spectrum can’t account for this. At US $300k per night, you and your significant other can stay on Lovers Deep, designed specifically to accommodate couples who want to join the ‘mile low club’.

Made by Oliver’s Travels, and based off St Lucia, the Lovers Deep is a luxury sub that’s the ultimate underwater boudoir, coming complete with a chef and an aphrodisiac-themed menu - just in case your guest hasn’t already been compelled to rip off their clothes. There’s also a butler, speedboat transfers and an options menu that includes helicopter transport, beach parking and rose petal scattering. The last bit’s just excessive.

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