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These gadgets will make your life easier

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Technology is constantly advancing, and many things that were once the stuff of science fiction have become a reality. So what’s next?

We’ve had a look at the latest lifestyle tech trends. These products have the potential to revolutionise the way we sleep, work and travel. Here are four practical gadgets that could change your life for the better.

1 Dealing with a partner’s snoring can be pretty hellish if you’re a light sleeper, just think of all the relationships that have gone down the drain because of it. The tech wizzes at Smart Nora Inc. have developed something they’re calling the “smart snoring solution”. 

Nora is a gadget designed specifically to stop snoring before it wakes your sleeping partner – without the need for masks, dentures or nose strips. Nora works by tapping a computer mouse-shaped device on your bedside table and a flat “expander” under your pillow before you hit the hay. As you drift off to sleep and begin snoring, the expander nudges your head into a different position and – voila – no more snoring!

© Smart Nora Inc. // Youtube

2 Sitting down is killing us, say the experts. Thankfully, just in time to save us all from sit-ageddon, Altwork Station has developed a revolutionary new workstation which allows your computer to work with your body instead of forcing your body to conform to the physical limitations of your computer.

The Altwork Station allows you to sit down, stand up, recline and lie down, promising to boost workplace productivity and improve your comfort and health.

© altwork // Youtube

3 In 2010, Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen launched a fashion label that combines clothing with technology. The shirts and dresses are developed with flexible solar cells that can harness the sun’s energy to create power.

This means that someone wearing these clothes will be able to use the solar cells to charge their smartphone if it’s in need of some juice. And the best bit is that with a built-in battery to store power, they don’t rely on constant sunshine to work.

© Dezeen // Youtube

4 Eco-friendly and increasingly affordable, electric bikes have taken off over the past few years. The problem is that people become attached to their bikes, and most cyclists would rather just replace a wheel here or a seat there than fork out for a new one entirely.

GEO Orbital has developed a promising gadget for people looking to pimp their ageing cycle – an electric wheel which turns a standard bike into an electric one in under a minute. The wheel contains a powerful 500-watt battery and can reach speeds of up to 20 mph.

© DroneHub Media // Youtube

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