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These houses are out of this world

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Apartments come in all shapes and sizes – but you won’t see many that look like these

People live in many types of homes, from studio apartments to mock-Tudor mansions. Far more than a set of four walls and a roof, a home is a sanctuary. 

Some are more unique than others though, and most of us don’t live in something resembling a Star Wars mothership or accommodation carved into a rock. From domes to clock towers, we’ve searched high and wide to find the wackiest dwellings around.

The Heliodome, France

This bio-climatic solar house looks like something you might encounter if you were cryogenically frozen for a thousand years and released back into civilisation upon your awakening. Except the Heliodome is an actual building, and it can be found in eastern France.

You’re probably looking at its structure and wondering why it’s been built to look like someone has crashed a Millennium Falcon into a field. This is because it was designed as a three-dimensional sundial that staves off the heat during summer months and warms the living space in winter, autumn and spring. Futuristic and eco-friendly – it’s win-win.

Rockland Ranch, Utah

A small Mormon community in Utah lives in a rock. Yes, an actual rock. Around 40 years ago, Robert Dean Foster set out to create a safe, remote space for a Christian community that embraced polygamy. Dynamite was used to blast caves into the sandstone cliff, and houses for 15 families were built into it. 

Today, the Rockford Ranch is home to about 100 people and the homes have been upgraded with amenities like running water, electricity and internet access.

The “Domestic Transformer”, Hong Kong

Space in Hong Kong is very limited, and many families live in dwellings that would barely be considered enough for one person in the UK. When growing up, architect Gary Chang lived in a flat with his parents and three sisters that measured about 32 square metres. When he moved out, he bought a shoebox apartment and designed it to meet his needs.

Through sheer ingenuity and innovation, Chang used moving walls to create 24 individualised rooms, including a spacious kitchen, spa (with a large bath), library and home cinema!

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Brooklyn Clock Tower, New York

A few years ago the iconic clock tower above One Main Street in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighbourhood was transformed into a luxury three-story penthouse overlooking Brooklyn Bridge. It also boasts stunning 360 degree views of Manhattan to boot.

The Brooklyn Clock Tower’s elegant design features four massive clocks installed in 14-foot-high round windows on each wall. And all of this can be yours… if you can meet the $18 million asking price.

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