Ticket to Ride

Photo above: Jörg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

Boundary pushing athletisicm, superb photography. Here are three photos which capture the beauty of sport. 

Cape Town, South Africa

Sea, spray, dodging kitesurfers: it’s all part of a normal day for Russian windsurf champion Olya Raskina. After swapping her landlocked hometown of Moscow for a base in Dahab, Egypt, the 30-year-old spends five months of the year in SA. It’s where she can imagine her post-competition life. “There are lots of possibilities,” she says, “and one is opening a guest house in Cape Town.” Retirement is a way off, as Raskina is in the form of her life. She only narrowly missed out on becoming the 2014 PWA Freestyle World Champion, happy, for now, with a career-best second place. 

© Photo: Kirill Umrikhin/Red Bull Content Pool

Seattle, USA 

CJ Rench is most aptly named: a sculptor and designer who specialises in large-scale metalwork which can be seen all over America. His latest project is the Red Bull Skatespace in Seattle’s Jefferson Park. Top skater Torey Pudwill had significant input into the design; Rench and his team studied T-Puds as he skated on mock-ups and parts of the sculpture. “There’s a very artistic side to the skateboard scene,” says Rench, but this is “first and foremost a work of art, and then something skateboardable.” The skaters, including Tom Schaar, seen here, love it. 

© Photo: Mike Blabac/Red Bull Content Pool

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Recent adventures for trials rider Danny MacAskill include bike-based acrobatics in a deserted Argentinian city and cruising above bunnies’ heads at the Playboy Mansion. But the Scot got back on home rock, 25 miles from where he grew up, to do what in his world counts as keeping it simple: conquering the formidable Cuillin Ridge and everything on the way up. MacAskill’s time out of the saddle, which included daily four-hour hikes, proved the toughest part of the trip. “Being on the bike is natural,” he says. “At a certain height you hit autopilot – you’ve just got to hang on.”

© Photo: Andy McCandlish

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