Brabus Rocket 900

BIG TUNES - Mercedes-Maybach S600

High-performance tuners Brabus turn the dial up to 11 on the Mercedes-Maybach S600

Here’s an exercise in upping the ante:

Mercedes S600 becomes AMG S65 becomes Mercedes-Maybach becomes Brabus Rocket 900 – arguably the most luxurious super saloon car made.

It’s a 900hp, 1,500Nm, 6.3-litre, V12 beast. Being a Brabus edition, just about everything under the bonnet is changed. To crank it up to 900hp, the engine block gets new twin turbos and Brabus’ active exhaust system.

Want a car that will cruise down the Autobahn at 300kph without breaking sweat? It’s this.

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Inside, the displays have a customised skin with every gadget imaginable. There’s a fridge, a glass roof, and you can even create a business-class-style bed. Although if you have a Brabus Rocket 900, you can probably afford a five-star hotel room.

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