Urban explorer Oleg Sherstyachenko on the Marina 101 tower in Dubai

pushing the limits

Words: Alexander Macheck 
Photography: KEO FILMS

They climb the tallest buildings, scout around derelict bunkers and enter areas that should be off-limits. The world calls them irresponsible. They call themselves urban explorers. Eight portraits capturing a point somewhere between madness and daring to live the dream
Oleg Sherstyachenko
OLEG ‘Cricket‘ Sherstyachenko, 24, Russia

The challenger in Moscow

“Why do I do it? Because I’m good at it. I’m one of the very few people in the world who can do it. My favourite ever was the Princess Tower in Dubai. That was 101 floors, 400m in the air – an unbeatable view. But you can’t see it any more, sadly: they closed the roof… after my visit.”

In the photo above, Oleg Sherstyachenko balances high up on the construction site of the Marina 101 tower in Dubai, UAE, which is set to be the world’s tallest residential building. The photo below was taken in Moscow.

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Oleg Sherstyachenko hangs off a crane during the building of the IQ Quarter in Moscow, Russia

Oleg Sherstyachenko hangs off a crane during the building of the IQ Quarter in Moscow, Russia

Vertigo in Los Angeles

“The whole urban exploration thing began for me two years ago when I saw a YouTube video of these two guys climbing on a crane – I got an adrenalin rush just from watching it.“

Max Ross on a skycraper in Canada

Max Ross, 20 (USA), perches on a skyscraper in Toronto, Canada. instagram.com/max_ross

“Shortly after, a friend from photography school showed me pictures he’d shot from the tops of skyscrapers in LA. We set off for the tallest residential building we could find close by, and when we got there we slipped past security and climbed 40 flights of stairs.

It was just like being in a movie. At the top, there was a door with a warning in big letters saying that an alarm would be triggered if we opened it. ‘Screw that,’ we thought. So we opened the door and there, in front of our eyes, was the sun going down over the city. It was like a moment of enlightenment.

My buddy said that I should sit on the edge of the building for a photograph. I was still scared of heights back then, but I mustered all my strength, conquered my fear, swung my legs over the ledge and let them dangle there – and bang, there was another rush of adrenalin. Right from that moment, I’ve never been able to get enough of this kind of adventure.”

Max Ross's view from the skyscraper in Toronto, Canada

Dangerous heights, but amazing views: “Right from that moment, I’ve never been able to get enough of this kind of adventure.”

Time stands still in Copenhagen

“People test their limits in almost every sport you can think of – why else would skaters hurtle over stairwells, surfers ride huge waves, or skiers take on superpipes? I discovered Urbex via the photos of Anders G – he’s the head honcho on the Copenhagen scene. Since then, my eyes have always drifted upwards to the rooftops above the city whenever I’m out, to see if I might discover one of the explorers, or to wonder how I might get up there myself.

When I finally managed to get in touch with Anders, he took me to the Golden Girls [a tower in Copenhagen with sculptures of two female figures that indicate the weather]. We climbed up pipes and stairs, and when we got to the top and looked down over the city, it was as if time had stood still.”

Elaina Hammeken on a crane high above a building site in Copenhagen, Sweden

Elaina Hammeken, 27 (USA/Denmark), takes a break on a crane high above a building site in Copenhagen, Sweden. instagram.com/eastc0astchck


A curious kid in a submarine bunker

“I’ve been driven by curiosity ever since I was a kid, and I’ve always wanted to explore abandoned, unusual places. I had no idea there was an actual name for it; I just wanted to know what was hidden behind this wall or that imposing structure.

The first place that I really explored was a World War II submarine bunker. It was a huge complex, a real maze of a place. I spent hours in there – I felt like Indiana Jones! That feeling has never gone away. I’ve been on the lookout for new places ever since. I’ve travelled around France, all over Europe, and I shot my first film, Urban Escape, in the US. And that was only the beginning.”

David de Rueda on the roof of the Cathédrale de la Major in Marseille, France

David de Rueda on the roof of the Cathédrale de la Major in Marseille, France.

Parkour, just a lot higher up

“Undue risk? That’s not the way I see it. I’m so well prepared that every one of my ventures is safe. To start with, I had no idea that I was a rooftopper; I thought it was just part of my training as a parkour runner, only higher up than normal.” 

Abudi Alsagoff on the Marina 101 skyscraper in Dubai, UAE

Abudi Alsagoff, 25 (Malaysia), on the scaffolding of the Marina 101 skyscraper in Dubai, UAE. instagram.com/abudialsagoff

Bryce Wilson
Bryce Wilson, 25, AUSTRALIa

Rebellion in Melbourne  

“The photography is the main thing for me. That’s my passion and the reason I set myself these challenges, regardless of how long it takes me to reach my goal. A lot of people say, ‘Anyone can take a photo,’ and maybe that’s basically true because, after all, the camera is only a tool. 

But your perspective changes when you take your camera to extreme heights, or to the front line of a war. I don’t see urban exploration as any more dangerous than taking the train or driving. We’re taught to avoid risk to live a long and healthy life, but that attitude also makes us ignore our passions and dreams.”

Bryce Wilson scaling Coops Tower in Melbourne, Australia

Bryce Wilson snaps a friend scaling Coop’s Shot Tower in Melbourne, Australia

Vadim Makhorov
Vadim Makhorov, 27, Russia

Inspiration in Egypt

“For me, it’s all about the photographs,” says Vadim Makhorov.

“That’s why I always lug several kilos of hardware around with me. I climbed alone at first. Then I met Vitaliy [Raskalov] in St Petersburg and a whole new chapter began.

My most inspiring project to date has been [scaling and taking photos on] the Great Pyramid of Giza.”


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Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov on the Palais Royale in Mumbai, India

Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov on a crane at the still-unfinished Palais Royale in Mumbai, India


A group of urban explorers risk life and limb to get inside, above, and around some of the most forbidden places on Earth. As they navigate bridges, skyscrapers, and other off-limits structures, every venture through the city could be their last.

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