Ghost Drone

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These gadgets make 360° experience possible: Virtual reality is now actual reality. Time to immerse yourself

Ghost Drone

Surely the pinnacle of VR applications. Put on the goggles and view the world through a GoPro attached to the drone, while guiding it through the air with your head movements.

Oculus Rift

Play fully immersive games, watch 360° movies, paint using a VR brush. With motion controllers coming, you’ll be able to roam as far as the HDMI cable will let you.

Can’t afford Oculus Rift? Download Google Cardboard to your smartphone and enjoy free VR by building your own headset.

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View-Master Virtual Reality

The original 3D toy gets a VR upgrade, complete with slide reels – which now unlock 360° scenes. Works with Google Cardboard to download games and dive into Street View.

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Total Immersion

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