Welcome to winter

The winter is here…!

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The temperature’s dropping, but for the well equipped there’s no need for spirits to follow suit: with our guide to the best cold-weather gear and gadgets, you’ll be ready for anything nature throws at you - Part 2

The Athlete

Philips: Wake-up Light

Banish dark winter mornings and help motivate training with this alarm clock that wakes you with a choice of 20 different natural dawn shades, accompanied by natural sounds or a soundtrack of your choice – all controlled by an iPhone app. 


Philips: Wake-up Light

Philips: Wake-up Light

More equipment for the athlete:

The Urbanite

Alden: 405 ‘Indy Boots’

These handmade boots were made famous when Harrison Ford insisted on sporting them in all Indiana Jones films. The waxhide exterior, cotton duck lining and rubber heels tempered with steel ensured they were equipped for all his adventures. If they’re tough enough for Indy… 


Alden: 405 ‘Indy Boots’

Alden: 405 ‘Indy Boots’

More equipment for The Urbanite:

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