Why it’s worth travelling without a smartphone

Be truly mobile:
Why it’s worth travelling without a smartphone 

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There’s no question that smartphones are a convenient gadget to have on our travels. We can use them to plan routes, book accommodation, inform ourselves in advance about hidden places, take pictures and share with our friends. But exploring the globe could be even more rewarding if we left the mobile behind

A recent survey revealed that 64 per cent of American travellers said smartphones were the most common devices they used while holidaying. Phones were named ahead of digital cameras, which was the first choice for 61 per cent of respondents. “From research and planning to capturing memories and staying connected with loved ones, technology is now a fundamental travel companion,” said Steve Koenig of CTA, the company which carried out the survey.

But despite all these benefits, why should you think about leaving the phone at home? We have a few ideas:

  • Socialise
  • Experience the adventure 
  • The thing with Wi-Fi
  • Get away from it all
  • Live for the moment
  • Storytelling
  • Bonus
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With sat nav on your mobile, there’s no chance you won’t find your pre-booked accommodation. There’s also no need to ask anyone for directions, but that could be a lost opportunity to talk with the locals. Who knows what secret nugget of insider information you might be missing out on? Maybe if you’re lucky, they could tell you where to get the best breakfast in the morning or which hidden beach is not to be missed. Or even better, they might show you themselves.

Experience the adventure 

Perhaps the day your phone pointed you in the right direction wasn’t half as exciting as the one with the odyssey through the streets of Bangkok, for example, when you suddenly landed in the city with only your own ingenuity to get by. Likewise, if you’ve checked out your hostel long before you’ve arrived, you know exactly what to expect. Sure, it’s practical - but also a bit boring.

The thing with Wi-Fi

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You’ve hauled your backpack to the fourth floor, pulled off the trekking shoes after an endless day of walking and finally thrown yourself on the bed. Then it dawns on you that you’ve forgotten to ask for the Wi-Fi password at reception. You’ll never get it out of your mind - unless of course, you never brought your smartphone in the first place.

Get away from it all

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While you’re away on your travels, perhaps all hell has broken loose back at the office, your football club has been relegated, or the city is at a standstill again because of new roadworks. Guess what? You don’t care. Without your mobile phone, you are blissfully unaware.

Lebe im Moment beim Reisen ohne Smartphone
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Without your phone, there’s no need for the hastily typed WhatsApp messages or the mandatory Facebook post. With luck, your friends might hear from you by email or even the traditional postcard. When you get home, nobody will know what you’ve experienced and you can tell some proper stories.


How about leaving the digital camera behind too and going old school? Can you remember the excitement when you’d bring a photo film to the developer? Sure, the images were often blurry and many just weren’t very good. But in between, there were some raw snapshots of your adventures. And you didn’t have endless posing until you got the right one, or the need to constantly perfect the images with a new filter. Sometimes it’s better to leave things to chance. 

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