Why the new Batmobile is the best toy in the world

Why the new Batmobile is
the best toy in the world

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There are few superhero vehicles more iconic than the Batmobile – and toymakers Mattel have just released their latest radio-controlled model, which boasts augmented reality features and even spews real smoke

Despite not having any superpowers, Batman remains one of the coolest superheroes around. This is largely due to his array of impressive crime-fighting gadgets and vehicles: From his Batarangs to his super Batcomputer. However, the most famous of them all is of course his trusty Batmobile.

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Soon, you’ll be able to put yourself behind the wheel of the new Batmobile set to feature in the upcoming Justice League movie. Sort of. At the recent 2017 New York Toy FairMattel unveiled the latest incarnation, and critics have already hailed it as one of the coolest toys ever made.

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Batmobile toy uses augmented reality to show the driver's view https://t.co/cliB8hv0hQ

At 75 centimetres long, the new Batmobile is in signature charcoal grey and boasts giant spoilers and huge wheels, as well as a host of cool bat features, including cannons and Gatling guns that point in whatever direction you’re steering. In “jump mode”, the car’s chassis even lifts a few inches, though unlike the movie version, it doesn’t actually jump. It also features functioning lights and the more you increase the throttle, the louder the engine roars.

The really crazy features of Ben Affleck’s future racer are to be found under the hood - it’s almost as if Bruce Wayne personally invented it.

Into the cockpit

If you check out the cockpit you’ll notice a tiny Batman with his steely gaze fixed on the road ahead gripping the steering wheel. As you move the car around with the remote control, his arms will steer it accordingly.

See the world through Batman’s eyes  

You control the Batmobile via an app on an Android or iOS-compatible device such as a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the in-built POV camera, you’re also able to take a look from the driver’s perspective in pursuit of Gotham’s villains…

Augmented reality

Following on from the success of the likes of Pokémon Go, a number of augmented reality features are built into the app. This means that you get to take aim at virtual targets and see rockets and tracer fire coming out of the cannon and gun.

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Real smoke

Possibly the coolest feature of them all is the exhaust, which spews real smoke. Of course, being a toy, the Batmobile doesn’t emit real car fumes - the steam is produced by a few drops of a sugar-based oil that is included in the box.

When can I buy it?

The Batmobile will arrive on shelves this October, shortly before Justice League hits cinemas. But you better start saving as it won’t come cheap, retailing at a cool £200.

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