Le Bâoli

Le Bâoli, Cannes - Up Riviera

Photography: facebook.com/Bâoli Cannes

If you want to dance the night away in style and relax in a four-poster bed, you need to drop in here
Le Bâoli
Le Bâoli

Port Canto Blvd de La Croisette, 
06400 Cannes, 

The name Le Bâoli comes from…

A spring in Rajasthan, India, famous for its purity.

A club in Cannes makes business sense because… 

With all its trade fairs, and the film festival, the town is a window on the world. We wanted to create a hot location to hang out close to the town centre and with Asian flair. We opened in 2000.

The first thing guests see when they come here is…

Our 3m wooden archway at the entrance.

Bâoli Cannes - Countdown to Cannes Film Festival... One... | Facebook

Countdown to Cannes Film Festival... One week to go ! Who gives a fuck folks ?

To get in, patrons should be… 

Well-dressed and come with good-looking friends. A nice smile helps, too.

Le Bâoli has a capacity of…

One thousand.

The craziest night was when…

Bono decided to play an off-the-cuff concert here, in 2006. It was an incredible experience because he’d only come in for something to eat. 

The best thing to drink is… Champagne and Red Bull.
Marjorie Mondon, Le Bâoli press officer

The decks are manned by…

Internationally renowned DJs only.

Those tired of dancing can…

Chill out in a four-poster bed, out in the open air.

A great evening ends with…

A dip in the sea.

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