Greg Callaghan: How to master your bike

How to master your bike

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Enduro World Series rider Greg Callaghan on the five core skills you need to master mountain biking’s most demanding discipline

1. Boost Your Mental Strength

“Focus on the process, rather than the end goal. By that I mean concentrating on all the things you need to do to win, rather than visualising yourself standing on the podium. To avoid getting bogged down in details, just keep thinking about doing the absolute best you can do with what you have.”

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2. Fresh Eyes On Technique

“There are so many elements to refining your technique, but what you need to do first is get some perspective on what you’re doing so that you can find your flaws and improve on them. Someone else’s perspective comes in useful here. Even a couple of lessons from a good coach will be money well spent.”

3. The Art Of Racecraft

“Managing everything that happens on race day, from the warm-ups to the warm-downs; what you eat during the day; stage planning; where you’re going to go hard and where you’re going to recover. Knowing how you go about each part is so important. You can’t just go hell for leather from the start.”

4. The 15-Minute Test

“A good test of how you’re doing is seeing how well you do riding as fast as you can for 15 minutes. Then you’ll know what elements of your physical fitness require work: core strength, leg strength, aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity and upper body all combine into the pedal power you need.” 

5. Planning And Prep

“Watching head cams, getting your food and kit ready, everything that leads up to the race is good for getting into the right frame of mind to tackle that race. The routine is important – and sleep is massive. You can’t substitute sleep. I average about nine to ten hours a night.”

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