Aimee Fuller

‘I always sleep in my bib the night before a contest’

Words: Andrew Swann
Photo right: Kareem Black/Red Bull Content Pool

Aimee Fuller talks to The Red Bulletin about her recent performance in Kreischberg, pre-race rituals and the future of British snowboarding 

Aimee Fuller is one of Britain’s brightest snowboarding talents and her fearless attitude saw her become the first ever woman to land a double backflip in competition. The 2014 Winter Olympics participant’s impressive display at the FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships 2015 further proved that she is one of the best in the world in her discipline. But she hasn’t gotten to where she is now without hard work, discipline, and a pair of lucky socks. 


THE RED BULLETIN: How satisfied are you with your performance at the FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships 2015 in Kreischberg?

AIMEE FULLER: I was happy to have made it through to the semi finals, however I really wanted to ride the finals and put down a good run. This performance has just motivated me even more for the next event as I want to be up there in the top 5. 

What goes through your head during the last few seconds before a race?

I try to think of a song, every time I drop in there is one of three songs I sing to myself in my head, that gets me in the zone and turns on the competitive switch. When I drop in, I forget about everything else going on in the world and tune into what I want to do.

What track has been getting lots of “playing time” recently? 

“Run Boy Run” by Woodkid is the most recent one.  

Do you have any pre-race rituals or habits that you have to do before a race? 

I always sleep in my bib the night before a contest! Sometimes lucky socks too!

What does a regular training day look like for Aimee Fuller? 

I normally get up the mountain for 9pm, but it depends on what resort you are in, normally in Europe it’s a later start in the winter, but in the US I like to be up there early and get after it while it’s well groomed. I ride for around four hours each day. I always have a solid breakfast consisting of porridge, eggs, avocado, and sometimes yoghurt with fresh fruit and Wyldsson almond butter. I normally eat lunch after riding. After I am finished I come down and have a stretch, sometimes a Woodward Session or even a gym session. I like to try and get one weights session a week!

‘When I drop in, I forget about everything else going on in the world and tune into what I want to do’

What % of crazy do you think you have to be to do an extreme sport like snowboard slope style? 

Aimee Fuller

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I don’t think you have to be crazy, you start out small and follow the pattern of progression. I never started snowboarding thinking I would be hitting 25m kickers! But it’s addictive and progression is a motivator which keeps you going. Thats what I thrive off.

When was the moment when you said to yourself “I want to be a professional snowboarder”? 

I did a lot of different sports as a youngster, skiing, gymnastics, rollerblading and motocross all helped me get to where I am today in snowboarding. Snowboarding is a super fun sport, you ride with friends yet you choose your own path of progression and at the end of the day, it’s up to you how hard you push yourself. I started snowboarding because it was so fun and I got a huge rush from it and you keep getting that rush everytime you improve, and that is what brings you back for more.

Who has been a major sporting idol for you over the years?

It’s got to be Ashley Fiolek, she is a Red Bull Motocrosser from the USA. What she has achevied in her sport is insane. Kelly Clark is also an idol of mine, she has been pushing the progression of womens snowboarding so hard, and she’s still going now, four Olympics later and going for her 5th.

When are we going to see a British snowboarder win gold?

At the Olympics in Korea. I think we have a strong chance in snowsports thanks to all the new talent coming through the ranks. We have places like the Snow Centre just outside London breading new talent! We are going the right direction. These things just take time. We just have to keep riding and having fun with it. 

Aimee Fuller

“I never started snowboarding thinking I would be hitting 25m kickers!”

© Kareem Black/Red Bull Content Pool

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