Van Damme „sexy” junior

Introducing Van Damme’s ‘Sexy’ Junior

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We know those poses, but from where? This beautiful athlete is following in the footsteps of her famous father - but has much more to offer

She’s got the helicopter-kicks, toned body and can pull off the balancing act. This striking young lady is Bianca Van Damme, the daughter of successful martial arts legend Jean-Claude Van Damme

The celebrity offspring has already led an eventful life and now she’s determined to see her career really take off. For years the dark-haired beauty was known in Hollywood either under the name Bianca Van Varenberg (her father’s real name) or Bianca Bree (the short form of her middle name Brigitte), but in an interview with the New York Post she announced, as of now, she will continue as Bianca Van Damme.

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It’s not only with her surname that Bianca is following the trail blazed by her Hollywood father. Her fascination with fitness and martial arts make this 25-year-old a daddy’s girl. The balancing ability, one of the trademarks of Jean-Claude Van Damme, is also part of Bianca’s repertoire.

All the better if this body exercise also serves a good cause.

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However, it’s probably going to take Bianca a little longer to reach the level of her pops. The action star is not only a world-famous actor, but thanks to this legendary video, he’s also an Internet sensation.

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Bianca Van Damme already has numerous appearances in films to her name, especially alongside her father. Not only that, but this talented lady has also worked as a co-producer on several movies. 

It never hurts to have good Hollywood connections. Even though she’s a celebrity kid, she has to to give her all in the gym to perform for her film work and she documents the hard yards she puts in on her Facebook page. 

Good genes play their part but for Bianca they don’t just come from her father’s side. Her mother Gladys Portugues is a fitness expert and was as active bodybuilder in the 1980s. 

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Before Bianca Van Damme discovered her passion for martial arts, she chased a career as a speed skater and sought to compete in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

However, due to injury she missed out on her dream and was forced to give up the sport. Rather than bury her head in the sand, Bianca devoted herself to other passions. And thanks to her photos for the New York Post, this superwoman is now the centre of attention.

The good relationship Bianca now has with her father Jean-Claude wasn’t necessarily always the case. In the 1990s, the actor experienced drug problems while clashes with paparazzi and conflicts with the law all created negative headlines. Bianca admits that there were times when it was “difficult” to be his daughter. 

But the two have long since left those problems behind them. Not only is the duo a good team professionally but they get along even better behind the scenes.

Bianca Brigitte Van Damme | Facebook

My Father doing some house work

Now Bianca wants to shoot new movies and become a big star in Hollywood. She has high demands of herself once describing herself as a perfectionist. So there’s definitely hope to see more jaw-dropping Van Damme acrobatics on screen, this time from Jean-Claude’s beautiful daughter. 

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