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We chatted with Slalom Queen Mikaela Shiffrin ahead of her World Cup comeback on crying, Messi and her biggest wish.

Which songs do you have on your playlist?

I have to name artists because I have a lot of songs. Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Imagine Dragons and the pianist Ludovico Einaudi.

Which are your three favorite apps?

My music app, texting and Instagram.

Which star would you love to have dinner with? What would you want to ask them? 

That’s so hard. Maybe Messi. That would be cool. I would ask how he runs so fast with a soccer ball.

The most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to you? 

Embarrasing things happen to me every day, like falling off a podium. I’ve done some silly things.

It’s Saturday night, the thing you would most like to do is … 

Probably go home and watch a movie with my parents. I’ve spent so much energy all the time doing skiing. If I have free time, I just go home.

The last thing that made you cry …

I was in Boston for one of the fundraisers for the US ski team and met a girl who’s brother passed away this summer. They are both ski racers and she came to Boston to meet me. I was talking to her and she started crying. And that made me cry.

Your dream holiday destination …

Probably Maui. We used to go to Maui every year as a family and then we stopped when I was seven years old. This summer we went back there again and it reminded me how much fun it is. I can go biking and hiking and get in the ocean.

“One fan tried to kiss me once. I was totally taken by surprise and screamed, ‘get away from me!’ That was pretty bad.”

The craziest thing a fan has ever said or done to you …

One fan tried to kiss me once. I was totally taken by surprise and screamed, “Get away from me!” That was pretty bad.

The most influential person in your life …

Probably my parents.

A word you don’t say often enough, but really should …

Flabbergasted. I think that’s a great word. It’s a mix of emotions like excited, crazy and owerwhelmed. It’s also a funny sounding word. Everybody should use this word more.

A word you use too often …


If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? 

I think I would want to fly because flying is so fun and I could go everywhere. That would be amazing!

If you could be invisible what would you do?

I think I would go around and take people’s head off or touch them on their shoulders. Just weird things, just mess with people.

It’s raining outside - what do you do?

Stay inside, read and have a hot chocolate.

What would you never do alone?

Watch a scary movie alone.

A film you never get tired of watching is … 

The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

What makes you feel nervous? 

Going on dates.

“I’m a daytime person. And I love to sleep.”

High heels or flats?

High heels. But I have to say that high heels really hurt. So high heels for a little bit, then flats. 

Dress or jeans?

A dress.

Daytime person or night owl? 

I’m a daytime person. And I love to sleep.

A moment in your childhood that you will never forget …

I will probably never forget my first time having christmas on the East coast. We moved to New Hampshire when I was seven years old. Actually there wasn’t any snow on the ground, I woke up Christmas morning and I looked outside – it still felt like fall. I had been in Vail, Colorado until then, so it was always snowy on the ground and beautiful. And I was like, “How is it possible that there’s no snow during Christmas.”

The most extreme thing you have ever done in your life is … 

Probably Bungee jumping in New Zealand. Julia Mancuso made me go and it was really fun. We jumped together because I said I’m not going alone. As soon as they jumped off the platform I hugged her and closed my eyes. We were hanging upside down and she said, “Okay, you can let go now.”

The last TV series that made you go “Wow!”

Madam Secretary.

If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?

I would wish for more wishes. I would wish to be able to eat as much as I can and not get fat. And I would wish to be able to fly.

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