Christian Wade


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The Wasps rugby wing combines pace, power and agility to exploit any opening on the pitch. Here’s how he does it


The speed Wade ran the 100m when he was 16.

“A lot of my speed is down to genetics,” he says. “But you still have to work to keep it. It’s about getting as much force through the floor as you can with minimal foot contact time.”

He works with 4x100 gold medallist Darren Campbell on speed drills, including the B-skip – to do it, jog forward, bringing your knees up high, then kick out your feet before landing as softly as possible. 


The height in centimetres of Wade’s vertical jump.

To build first-step explosiveness, he stands holding a pair of dumbbells, sinks into a half-squat, then drops the weights and leaps skyward – using his muscles’ stretch reflex for extra air time.


How many days before a game Wade does his last workout.

“We do footwork drills, power work and skip-and-jumps,” he says. “Nothing that’ll wear us down. You want to feel ready, not fatigued.” If you’re running a marathon or Tough Mudder, do the same – your last training session should be so easy that you come out feeling more energised than you went in.



DisciplineRugby Union

Age: 24

Height: 1.73m

Weight: 86kg

Achievements: Players’ player of the Year, 2012/13; Four caps (English/British national teams)


The weight Wade uses in the high-pull…

… variations of Olympic weightlifting moves he uses to build explosive strength. “I have problems with my wrists, so this exercise suits me,” he explains.

To do it, start with a bar on the floor, holding it with your hands just outside your knees. Lift it explosively, using the momentum from your leg drive to pull it to chest height before letting it drop. Do five sets of three.

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