fitness tracker: the hottest things in health right now 


Infrared saunas to lose weight, an app that rewards motivation and protein popcorn. This is what is on our fitness radar this month 

The fuel: naked protein popcorn 

Hitting your daily protein target can be a pain in the gluteus maximus, so topping  up with an ostensibly decadent snack is more than OK by us.

Naked Protein Popcorn

The App: EarthMiles

Turn hard miles into hard (app) cash. Partners such as Hotpod Yoga and Plenish Juices gift freebies as a reward for your exercise.;

The Tech: Infrared Saunas 

Ice baths are passé. Today’s champs use infrared saunas for their muscular and cardiovascular benefits; they’re said to burn calories, too. They’re so hot right now.

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