What does the future of football look like?

Words: RB Leipzig Magazine
Illustrations: Martin Udovičić

Goalline technology, free kick spray, stadiums with closing roofs – this is all soooo 2014. The question we want answered, is how will football be played in 20 years? Here are a few predictions 

1. The mobile Arena

Expensive away day journeys will be a thing of the past in 2034. The stadiums will be the ones travelling across top European leagues. Powered by four gigantic high-speed turbines, the mobile arena will pick up the away fans in their home city and make its way to the desired location at a brisk 300 km/h (180 mph). The stadium will gently land in the city centre, where home fans wait patiently to be let in. 

2. The roaming offside line 

Gone are the days of wrong offside decisions! This genetically modified pitch will constantly show the current offside line in the form of glowing grass. A red circle will highlight a player lingering in an offside position, allowing fans to always know when a player is offside, and giving them nothing to talk about at the pub after the game…

3. The training assistant 

The LumièreX9 will revolutionise training and tactic talks. The robust 5D projector can be used to project lifelike holograms at a distance of up to 30 metres. Proton air compression gives the projections a physical robustness, making them perfect for free kick and corner training. 

4. The free kick laser 

The shaving cream spray did not turn out to be as useful as first thought. It turns out that years of edging closer and closer to the ball is hard for players to unlearn. All of that will change though thanks to the Merkx3001. This helpful little referee’s assistant generates a laser field that will give cheating players a painful little reminder. 

5. Always in control  

Gone are the days when trainers would scream their hearts out on the touchline. Managers can now give clear directions to their players, which will then appear on their LenScreen contact lens interface. 

6. Health Checks 

The HealthBug 700 is a sensor and mini-lab in one. A small chip is inserted under the player’s skin, allowing biometric data and performance stats to be sent directly to the manager’s control pad. The coach will always have an eye on his players and know exactly when a change is needed. 

7. Ref Bot

Those pesky men in black will still be blowing their whistle to their heart’s content in 2034, but only in the lower leagues. The human equation has been taken out of the game in the elite leagues, with the Collina3000 ref bot never making a mistake. Connected to all the cameras in the stadium as well player data, there isn’t much this ref can’t do. And be careful, Collina3000 also has an extensive database of swear words, so watch what you say!  

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