Lewis Hamilton und Daniel Ricciardo

Secret Twins 

Photography: Getty Images, Markus Kucera

A tragic twist of fate separated them at birth. One twin became famous, popular and successful. The other drove cars and became an outcast on the very edge of society. After years of tireless searching, we’ve managed to reunite these long-lost brothers
Nico Rosberg und Leonardo DiCaprio

Nico and Leonardo DiCaprio. AKA the lamb and the wolf. In fact Nico will star in the sequel: Toto Wolf of Wall Street

Daniel Ricciardo und Jason Biggs

Daniel and Jason Biggs. No wonder Daniel can’t speak Italian. (He can’t even say Ferrari.) While it’s true that his roots go back to Syracuse, it’s the one in New Jersey. Danny will be in Orange Is The New Bull. A chance for him to earn a bit of money at long last.

Fernando Alonso und Adam F. Goldberg

Fernando Montaña de Oro and Adam F. Goldberg. When Adam came up with his hit sitcom The Goldbergs, he didn’t even know he had a brother, and yet he must have somehow sensed it because the pilot episode is called: The Circle of Driving.

Adrian Newey und Patrick Stewart

Adrian Newey and Patrick Stewart. Star Trek and Race Track, X-Men and Grand PriX-Men… Warp speed, Mr Newey? Make it so.

Sebastian Vettel und Justin Bieber

Sebastian and Justin Bieber. In 2010, Seb became world champion while Justin hit No. 1 in the US Billboard Charts with his debut album My World 2.0. In November 2013, Seb left Red Bull just as Justin released his single Bad Day. Further proof needed?

Lewis Hamilton mit Style

Lewis “F1” Hamilton and Lewis “MC” Hamilton. One’s a promising racing driver, the other’s a celebrated rapper. “MC” Hamilton has already written a new song for the Pussycat Dolls reunion: I Don’t Need A Woman.

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