Max Verstappen's best overtaking moves

Pass Master: Max Verstappen’s most impressive overtaking moves 

Words: Justin Hynes
Photo: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool 

Four overtaking moves that mark Verstappen out as a future F1 great

1 Vs Marcus Ericsson – Chinese Grand Prix 2015 

In just his third GP, Verstappen made his name as a no-holds-barred racer, closing hard on the Swede before launching a do-or-die move under braking into the chicane. They banged wheels, but Verstappen emerged ahead.

© Youtube // Grand Prix

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2 Vs Felipe Nasr – Belgian Grand Prix 2015 

At Spa, Verstappen chased down Sauber’s Felipe Nasr and made a move around the outside at the high-speed Blanchimont corner. He clattered over the kerbs, ran alongside Nasr all the way up to the Bus Stop chicane and then blasted past down the inside.

© Youtube // Grand Prix Racing

3 Vs Nico Rosberg – Brazilian Grand Prix 2016 

In torrential rain, Verstappen found grip where no other driver could. As Rosberg hugged the inside line through Turn 3, Verstappen dived out of the spray and powered around the outside of the German. Jaw-dropping.

© Youtube // Max Verstappen Channel

4 Vs Sergio Perez – Brazilian Grand Prix 2016

To claim a podium place he needed to pass Perez. He tried to overtake the Mexican around the outside of Turn 10 and despite skidding across the kerbs, held on. He then ran side-by-side with Perez to eventually pass the Force India man through Turn 12.

© Youtube // ON FLEEK TV

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