Jason Paul Arcade Run

Video: Jason Paul Arcade Run

Photo: Martin Nink/Red Bull Content Pool

8-bit game scenario, obstacles moving towards the freerunner, fixed 2-D camera angle, no special effects, and a rolling train on the set. An interview with free runner Jason Paul and his team.

The new Jason Paul Arcade Run video by freerunner and Red Bull athlete Jason Paul is a tribute to video game classics that turns everything upside down: 8-bit game scenario, obstacles moving towards the freerunner, fixed 2-D camera angle, no special effects, and a rolling train on the set. We talked to Jason and his Farang team – Anan Anwar (Thailand), Shaun Wood (Australia), and Pasha Petkuns (Latvia) – about one of the craziest shootings ever. 

Jason, how did you come up with the idea to pay tribute to video game classics on a train?

Jason: Well, by bringing together a bunch of creative guys who have a completely different mindset but are on the same wavelength anyway. Already a long time ago, our team had had the idea to create a Parkour course moving towards us: while we are marking time, the obstacles roll towards us. We had thought of something like a treadmill first.

And now the treadmill has turned into a rolling train! How did that come about?

Jason: Well, that’s when Red Bull and our sensational film crew with Sebastian and Frank came into play. Funnily enough, they had a similar concept: obstacles meeting freerunners, mountain coming to Muhammad. By developing this thought, suddenly somebody was talking about a train …

Shaun: … and the four of us were sitting there trying not to freak out immediately. So we staid cool and confidently said that we wouldn’t have anything against shooting on a train.

Apart from the crazy set, the plot is also insane: bringing a platform game classic into the real world …

Jason: When this idea came up, everybody knew: that’s it! It grabbed us straight away and turned into an affair of the heart.

Jason Paul Arcade Run

Childhood dream

“The 14-year-old in me just exploded!” says Jason Paul.

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How did you feel being on a video game set created just for you, being a protagonist yourself, and with the whole set mounted on a train!? 

Jason: It was surreal! Completely surreal. The 14-year-old in me just exploded!

Shaun: Every gamer would explode imagining this. I mean, how cool is this? It shows exactly what freerunning is all about: running free, overcoming obstacles, finding your own way and making things possible when others only shake their head in disbelief. 

What was the main challenge at the shooting?

Jason: You could feel everybody’s tension. After months of planning, we were eager to finally begin. The tricks had to work, the timing had to be perfect. We didn’t have the possibility to shoot it umpteen times. We had practiced every detail. Physically, it was very, very demanding. And then we prayed to the weather gods, we pleaded!

So did fun fall by the wayside when shooting on the train?

Jason: Not at all! And I hope you can see this in the video. We were downright high, as it was the coolest set in the world, the coolest team, and the craziest idea. My body was dead afterwards but I think I had a big grin on the face. It was unique – though it shouldn’t be, as we definitely would love to repeat it. Well, I’m sure we will come up with another story …

Anan: Exactly. Game Over. Continue!

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