Julian Boulle

Want to fly? Here’s how

Words: Sean Christie
Photography: Siddharth Siva

World-class wingsuit pilot Julian Boulle shares his hard-earned tips on how to take to the skies…and live to tell the tale

1 Respect the combination of gravity and mountains, and always retain your focus, because being in the air is all about rectifying mistakes all of the time.

2. Never lose your childish delight in play.

3. Learn when to listen others, and also when to ignore them.

4. Remember to breathe, and be like water in the air! Bruce Lee taught me that.


Julian Boulle racing head-to-head at the Red Bull Aces Wingsuit Race

“Your intuition is always right”
Julian Boulle

Julian Boulle

Sky’s the limit: Julian Boulle is one of the best wingsuit athletes in the world

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5. Think through what you’re about to do with every iota of concentration you can muster. Try to envisage every eventuality in terms of wind direction, speed and temperature.

6. There is no substitute for experience. It takes 20 years to get 20 years’ worth of experience.

7. Get out of the city as often as you can – that is what wingsuit flying is really all about. Remove all barriers between the earth and your feet.

8. Your intuition is always right. If something doesn’t feel good, walk away.

9. Take photographs. What you do is sublime, and should be recorded. You’ll want to relive those moments one day.

10. Consider the concerns of your nearest people. A smile and some laughter will help put them them at ease. Don’t hide anything.

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