Levi Sherwood

X-fighter extraordinaire

Words: Robert Tighe
Photo above: Daniel Grund/Red Bull Content Pool

Levi Sherwood talks to The Red Bulletin about his sporting heroes, favourite movies, dream ride and much more in our quickfire questions 

22-year-old freestyle motorcross rider Levi Sherwood from New Zealand is having a stellar season in Red Bull X-Fighters, winning the opening two rounds in Mexico and Japan. At this weekend’s grand finale in Pretoria (August 23rd) he will be battling for the title against Australia’s Josh Sheehan. The Red Bulletin caught up with the 2012 champion to find out a little bit more about the X-fighter extraordinaire.

What’s the best advice you’ve received? I don’t tend to listen to or remember any advice I’m given. I’m quite stubborn and I learn from my mistakes.

What’s the worst advice you’ve received? When I first started in the sport I listened to other riders talk about how they approached a jump or a trick and their advice didn’t work out well for me. That’s when I started trusting my own gut feeling.

Your favourite other sports apart from FMX? I like watching BMX and I like to muck around on a BMX when I get the chance.

Who is your sporting hero? Jeremy McGrath, the American motocross legend.

The hardest work you’ve ever done for money? Apart from FMX the only job I’ve done was emptying rubbish bins at a local motorcycle shop after school.

What’s your favourite pre-race meal? If I’m in a dodgy country where I don’t trust the food I’ll always go for McDonalds.

And your post-race treat? Definitely a beer.

Apart from FMX the only job I’ve done was emptying rubbish bins at a local motorcycle shop after school.

Favourite website? That all depends but TradeMe (the New Zealand version of eBay or Craigslist) is always a good way to waste some time.

Are you a technophobe or tech geek? I was a bit of a computer nerd at school so I like to think I’m pretty clued in.

Favourite TV show? At the moment it’s Fast N’ Loud, a car building show but Eastbound & Down is my all time favourite. I’ve watched that show so many times.

Favourite movie? Boy (the highest grossing New Zealand movie ever)

Best gig you’ve been to? AC/DC in Wellington in 2009 I think.

What car do you drive? Toyota Hilux

What’s your dream car? Any car I build myself.

What would you be doing if you weren’t riding FMX? I’d probably be an engineer.

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